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"Photography can give new harmony to the world 

reinterpreting it through a different point of view, a different light, generating more powerful and effective meanings of identity,

of its own reasons of existence.

Photography can change the world in just one shot...

this is why photographers ar guardians of beauty."

From the book "New York: The elusive certainty"

by Thomas Allocca and Camilla Filograna

Principali eventi accreditati e in partecipazione 

Jumping Amsterdam 2020 

Jumping Mechelen 2019 

Liverpool International Horse Show Media 2019 

Longines Masters Paris 2019 

Air Power Zeltveg 2019 

Salon Du Cheval Paris 2019 

Red Bull kite mission Puglia/Sardegna 

Nissan Wave Master Sardegna 

Moto GP Misano 

Red Bull X Fighters Spagna 

Linate Air Show 

Acqua Bike World Championship Otranto 

X Master Rimini 

Red Bull cliff living Polignano 

Red Bull Street Style Lecce 

Principali riviste specializzate che hanno pubblicato sue foto


Cavallo Magazine 



NEW YORK The Elusive Certainty (2018) English 

HORSES Man’s Alter Ego (in preparazione) English | Italian 

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